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Philosophy and Testimonials

My Personal Philosophy

  • As a fitness professional, I hold myself to the highest standards. I am constantly learning and seeking out the latest in fitness trends and education in order to help individuals create and achieve purpose driven goals.

  • I am committed to creating strategies and approaches to fitness goals customized to each individual client.

  • Honesty, hard work and perseverance are, and will continue to be, prevalent in thy fitness instruction and training as they are in all areas of my life.


I recently attended the BOSU Multiplicity and BOSU Amped workshops. Pam was a great presenter! She is enthusiastic and provided drills which can be adapted to all populations. I have taken away a lot of valuable information and ideas that I can implement with my clients. I would highly recommend these workshops to any instructor or trainer. The possibilities of BOSU are endless!
Stephanie Lycett
Personal Trainer/Group Ex Instructor (NY)

Having been a professional ballet dancer and artistic director for a ballet school and company for over 30 years, I am quite selective as to where and from whom I train. I have taken aerobic conditioning classes and stretch/tone classes with Pamela Benchley for the past eleven years. Pamela is current and knowledgeable in her technical training. She provides very creative, fun and challenging choreography. Pamela also has a great personality and sense of humor which motivates everyone in the class to train and work harder. I highly recommend experiencing her class or personal training.
Anita Lin
Youngstown, Ohio
New York, NY

Weighing in at well over 300 pounds, Pam created a spark that allowed me to gain control of my weight and workout safely and effectively. She was my personal trainer for several months. I also took her classes at college and at the local gym. For the first time in my life, working out was actually FUN! She is experienced, knowledgeable and has the personality necessary to keep you motivated and makes you want to work hard to accomplish your goals. No doubt about it, if you have the desire and determination to live a healthy and active lifestyle, Pam has the education and ability to help you meet your goals. From beginners to highly trained athletes, she will work you out and MAKE you like it!

Don Lindquist
Horizon City, TX

Expertise, Encouragement, Enthusiasm
Pam combines these
qualities to provide an outstanding training experience. More than any ther trainer I have ever met, she helps me reach my goals using creative routines that counterbalance my physical limitations. Pam is definitely not a "one size fits all trainer". Her enthusiasm and encouragement makes working out a lot of fun.
Bill Clark
Chapel Hill, NC, Age 77
Don Lindquist
Horizon City, TX

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